where to get it already processed for felting & needlefelting
This thrifty New Englander says if you already have wool, make do with that at first.


Raw fleeces work very well for traditional wet felting
(which washes them as you go): just tease and lay out. You'll get a rough organic look.
Tease more carefully and the felt will be smoother.
However, for speed and a more finished product, scoured (washed) and carded
(brushed out smooth) batts (big sheets of fiber) are available from

Jane Deamer at Yolo Wool Mill
41505 County Rd 27, Woodland CA 95776
530.6661473 --- cell 530 3834471

Your pick of natural colors and fine or coarseness of fiber, one week turnaround.
Tell her you plan to use the batts for feltmaking-they're also good for needlefelting.


Fibers for this technique must be washed beforehand.
You can tease wool yourself, or buy it already carded which is faster and smoother.
Look for a dry fuzzy fiber, as opposed to shiny and silky.

White wool batting scraps from an organic bedding factory
already washed and carded
available by the pound and in wholesale amounts from

This wool is easily dyed in small batches with KoolAid
(see my Felting Needle:Further Fantasies or request instruxions).
Also available from Shepherd's Dream: batting in various bed sizes and thicknesses,
useful for both wet- and needlefelting..

On the East Coast, find wool in all stages of processing from or
They're in Verona, New York, 315.337.7217.

Ask for Doloria, and tell her Vikki's friend Ayala sent you.

The curly locks for hair and other ornamentations are available from
Robina Koenig
Tumble Creek Farm --62466 Eagle Rd., Bend OR 97701

She raises BlueFaced Leicester sheep, a rare breed with tiny curls--
tell her the size you need.

Or contact Jill Holmes, and ask after curly locks from her Leicesters,
Molly & Lilly.
She lives in North Carolina. Her sheep have large long curls.

You might want to visit this site:




Kathy Cunningham( ) website forthcoming... has a booming business with the long LONG locks of her multicolored Lincoln flock-- and what colors they don't provide, she dyes with plant materials. Already set up for the doll wig market, just our kind of woman! Do contact her to find more about colors and lengths &c.

This is my favorite local venue for workshops. Not only a great workspace but an inviting view of Kirsten's sheep-- actually the whole family's involved, an enviable arrangement, all 3 generations. Beautiful feltworthy jacketed Romney and Romanov fleece.

Other Fiber Related Sites
#3 Son's 'site
'site of #5 Son & Wife
Corbin Brashear, accomplished student

I am working with LEAD in Eugene, felting and needlefelting. What a great bunch of 'teens! Good confront with adults, great manners, focused on their Life Purposes (sign in meeting room: "My life assignment is helping the homeless"), imaginative and enthusiastic. Check out their website for more info--
And if you're looking for a worthy cause to support, there it is!

GOOD BUDDIES & Girlfriend Artistes:
Eleanor Stanwood... The Woman who handed me my first felting needles!
Here's her collection of wearable wool felt items
... and the lovely Birgitte Krag Hansen, queen of Scandinavian wee folk.
On this website under "Felt in the Nature Norway Aug 01" is a series of fotos
that give one an idea of what our group of women was up to there this summer.
Beautiful evocative images from a highly skilled and clearly visioned Sister, Nancy Bright
A wonderful website from a daughter in spirit, Jennifer (Pixie). It's full of photos her handcrafted woollen creatures, plus photos of her wildlife rehab birds and her enchanted gypsy bus.

Alicia Bay Laurel's pictures of Ayala's felted dolls and magickal home at
Alicia's diary entry July 10
July 11th
July 12th

Funk Tech with Panache:
Romantic Folkwear:
Deeply Felt:
Saturday Market in Eugene:
Details of a Life:

Silvia, a Bulgarian textile artist, and her husband have opened an Artist Retreat in the village Patalenitza in the Rhodopa Mountains, Bulgaria. We offer to textile artists, fine art artists, writers, poets and translators from abroad the whole retreat – house for living, atelier and 650 sq. m. yard, where they can live and create in quiet countryside surroundings and find inspiration for their work.


StarTunz Productions
My ebullient, effervescent Webmistress--
creative, innovative, responsive and reliable. I share her gladly.


ScarletJinn Visionary Songwriter/Singer's Blog

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Psychic Reader Serena


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