Little Animals -- 3 hrs

Realistic enough to put off your live pets, and trouble-free (unless your live cats are jealous).


*4 oz. structural stuffing wool- nothing fancy: any old kind of wool, any natural color, washed and teased/carded.
*2 oz. washed wool (carded okay) in colors you consider appropriate for the animal to be constructed.
*bits and pieces of dyed wool and yarn in colors you like, for embellishment.
*A 3x6x6" piece of soft upholstery foam, or a soft foam carwash sponge from the automotive dept of your supermarket.

*Good scissors. MUST HAVE!!

Instructor provides paperwork, a felting needle, small tools, sundry other items at whim.
These animals are about the size of your hand, constructed with a yarn armature.



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