Brand New Babies

Two 3-Hour Sessions (one day)

Every grandma's dream gift! Made over a foam core and sturdy enough to withstand the attentions of a very young mother, or a night left outside in a puddle. They wear size O baby clothes from the Goodwill.

Please be advised that Instructor will address the design and construction of bare-naked nude bodies, although without benefit of live models.
*a serrated or saw toothed knife from the kitchen drawer
*11 x 17 baking pan-- whatever you've got about that size. You'll be using it as a "bathinette" for wet-felting work
*cake of any soap
*your favorite scissors and coffee cup
*an old dog-type towel
*$15 materials fee: includes foam for core, felting needles, & wool that works well for this particular project, plus access to Ayala's gloatworthy stash of odds & ends

"This Brand New Baby was originally created for our local midwife who wanted something more natural than the plastic 'wetsy betsies' that she's been using to demonstrate the birthing process. And multi-racial gray, as my husband points out ...."

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